Boot Camp: I have never felt fitter!

Body in Motion bootcamp is honestly the best group I have ever been
part of. Out of all of the aerobic classes, gym sessions etc I have
attended over the years, this has been by far, the most enjoyable and
the one that I have stuck to and felt committed to long term!! I have
amazed myself at my dedication to this group. This feeling is
undoubtably due to your absolute enthusiasm, dedication, experience,
friendliness and fun that you show to all of us Charlie.

I cannot believe how much fitter I feel from attending this group for
the last year and a half. The exercises (especially the running) is a
challenge for me sometimes but a good, enjoyable challenge and I like
the fact that the group is suitalbe for all abilities. Your inspiration
honestly inspires us, not only with exercise but with diet also, and
the results in the weightloss for many members of the group is

I can always see me attending this group. It’s such a lovely
atmosphere with great commaradary between us all and I just love
exercising by the beach come rain or shine!

Thankyou Charlie for everything. You are a great person and a great
trainer. Thankyou.


Thank you so much Jen for your feedback.

Good luck with your continued fitness, energy and boundless enthusiasm.

Boot camp meet near Cafe Riva Wednesday 630pm.
Just turn up, £7 on the night or £50 for 10 sessions (no time limit)
or call us for further info 01202 720 300

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