Circuit Training

Mix it up!

Not getting the results you need from your training?

Need to get results FAST?

– to fit into that dress?

-to look good in that bikini or board shorts?

-because it is about time?

Mix up general circuit training with some Hi Intensity training (HIT).
Rapid returns in a short space of time

Whatever the reason, you may be finding that despite making an effort to train and exercise, you are still  not getting the results you need.

Recent research demonstrates clearly that the most effective workouts are high intensity- where you work hard for a short period followed by rest.

Rather than plodding on a  treadmill or doing a step aerobics class.

Many of you watched the BBC Horizons TV show where they found massive improvements in aerobic conditioning, insulin responsiveness to just 1 min hard exercise performed three times a week.


And many other studies have shown the same result again and again.

Circuit type, interval work outs burn more calories, burns more fat, and takes less time.

It doesn’t mean dropping all the long stuff necessarily. If you are marathon training or doing an ironman triathlon, you will need to do the long runs/cycles, of course!

But if you mix up you training and add in a circuit session once or twice a week- you will notice you:

  • Get faster
  • Lose more weight
  • Burn more fat
  • More resistant to fatigue
  • Feel stronger
  • Get less injured

This NEW class is designed around these principles.

Yes you will work hard

Yes you will enjoy it

Yes you will notice differences quickly

Ok this sounds perfect. How much?

Just £7 a class or £50 for a course of 10 classes.


At Body in Motion

467 Christchurch rd Bournemouth BH1 4AD


Wednesday 630pm

How do I book?

Email us or call to book 01202 720 300

So do not let yourself get bored with your current programme. Do something different for your body.

Email now, see what you are capable of…

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