Physio helped me return to running

This is a testimonial to thank Kevin for his work in helping me return to running after I thought I could not ever do it again:


I’ve been running with an issue in my right knee for several years. Although not usually sore while running it would start to hurt as soon as I stopped and continue to do so for the next day or so depending on how far or hard I had run on it. In building up my mileage to this years London marathon though the pain became chronic and in January, for the first time became sore while actually running. This led to me pulling out of London and, much to my disappointment; had to stop running altogether.

I’ve also, for the last couple of years had very limited participation in any ball games such as football, basketball and tennis as any twisting and lunging would be very uncomfortable.


I tried resting for several months only for it to return as soon as I went anything faster than walking speed. The next step I tried was sports massage and some basic physio which did little to relieve my pain or get me active again. Visits to the doctor were unfruitful and following referrals to a knee specialist, then a private and expensive MRI and even cortisone injections directly into my knee there was no sign of any improvement or even belief that there was light at the end of the tunnel.

The next possible step suggested by the knee specialist was an arthroscopy. Surgery in the knee is something that fills me with dread. I had read that following surgery 20% of cases return to the pre-surgery state within a year and 5% end up worse off than they were in the first place. I did not want to take this risk and thought my pain free running days were over…..

Resigned to this prognosis, I was literally walking out the surgery deflated when the Doctor mentioned giving ‘Body in Motion’ a call.

I thought, why not? I have nothing to lose and later that day arranged and appointment with Kevin at Body in Motion, Bournemouth.


From my very first session with Kevin it became clear that his philosophy is very much about fixing the root cause of the issue and not just easing the symptoms. This was already very different to my previous efforts to sort this injury.

After more than 6 months of not being able to enjoy my favourite pastime Kevin had me running again within 4 weeks.

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An assessment of my running form highlighted several factors that needed to change and Kevin has supported me with exercises, stretches and even acupuncture to quite literally get me out on the road to recovery.

Although not entirely pain free yet, my knee feels like it is consistently improving and it feels stronger every week. I truly believe that in the near future, along with Kevins’ support, I will be running in a more fluent and efficient manner than ever before. Even better I believe that I will once again soon be enjoying all sports, without the burdening pain of recent years….


Kind regards and many thanks,


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