Physiotherapy and injury prevention Insurance

For all our lovely clients out there, thank you for your belief in Body in Motion from past 10 years.

We at Body in Motion always work at providing excellent Physiotherapy and remedial services to people of Bournemouth through our well qualified and trained Staff.

I am extremely delighted to offer 1st time in Bournemouth Body in Motion Private Physiotherapy and injury prevention Insurance. So if you are a runner, footballer or exercise is a daily part of your life; we all agree that at some point our body needs constant care. During exercises our muscles face a lot of strains and we can experience soreness/ tightness in muscles and joints, you need not worry because Body in Motion has now have the right package for you which will enable you to not only get a constant care but also help you achieve your goals.

We all agree that we all see Physios when we are injured, now this package will enable you to carry on your exercises without thinking about injuries, that we call it Injury prevention Insurance.

So this is what we have for you:

1. 2 Physiotherapy Consultations a month

2. 3 x 30 minutes Physiotherapy/sports massage sessions a month

3. 3 x 1hr Use of Gym per week with constant care and support from Physiotherapist, personal    trainer and health and nutrition therapist.

The good news is that you can get all of the above at just £49 / month. *

So what you need to do is to call us asap at 01202 720300 or email us on because we are releasing this offer for just 50 people on first come first serve basis.

*This offer is only valid with a 4 months contract. Payments will be taken by Standing order. No hidden fees.

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