Sports Massage (Injury Prevention)

Sports massage is the most effective therapy for treating muscle pain, tension and restoring balance to the musculo-skeletal system. Given that many injuries occur due to lack of balance, this is a criticial tool in both prevention and treatment.



Sports massage is a firm, deep tissue massage applied by skilled practitioners who know their anatomy exactly, so you can be sure, it is highly effective.

Sports massage is brilliant at speeding up recovery of muscular strains and sprains but it is also highly recommended to prevent injury…. especially if you are like some of our clients who “cant find the time” to stretch properly!

It is not just useful for athletes. Many of our clients have regular once a month sports massages to keep their neck and shoulder tension under control from computer work all week.

If you have not tried it, we urge you do so -you may be pleasantly surprised!

1hour £50

30 mins £38

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