Sports Rehab

Every athlete wants to be back to sport as soon as possible.

Sometimes this means the rehab either gets missed completely or half done in a random fashion.

We often see athletes who have returned to sport without the correct rehab who have got injured again, or they have not been able to return to the same level as they still have muscle imbalances or deficits in movements patterns.

We run a successful 6 week program for athletes who have recovered from injury but feel they are not performing at the right level. They know something is not right but they don’t know what.

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Our experienced trainers will assess you and identify the cause of the problem. It may be a core strength issue, a problem with proprioceptive awareness or the stabilizing muscles around a joint.

Once you know what the problem is it will be easy to correct. Simply doing more of the same generic exercises isnt going to work.

The most common injuries athletes see us for for advanced rehab is

* ACL repair/reconstruction

* back pain/post op back surgery

* ankle sprain

* whiplash

* groin strains

* post shoulder surgery

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