Work Station Assessment


Do you have pain at work- it might be wrist pain, neck pain, shoulder pain or headaches?

If it continues for more than several weeks in a row and you don’t have it on weekends or holidays, it could be that your work station set up  is incorrectly.

Sometimes by making some easy, cheap and quick adjustments, your pain magically disappears.

It is worth getting an expert to check it out- We spend so much time at our desks and PCs now that it is important that we are not putting our bodies under strain.

Sometimes also the actual work station is correct for your body shape and height but you are just using it poorly. For example you can have the most expensive chair in the world- but still sit slumped and slouch over the desk.

So when you request a Work station assessment (WSA) or a display screen equipment (DSE) assessment, one of Body in Motion ergonomic advisors can come to your office/site and undertake a thorough Display Screen Equipment (DSE) assessment for your DSE users.

DSE assessment in particular is useful for those people who are already complaining about a health problem related to using a computer (whether it is a back ache, upper limb problems, RSI, etc…) because they are able to explore the wider medical side of any issues and therefore can offer a fully considered answer with appropriate medical advice.


A DSE risk assessment would include:

• One to one evaluation of each workstation.
• Detailed questioning of the DSE user.
• Posture and interface with DSE.
• General ergonomic setup.
• Exploration of general well being & medical issues including existing MSD, RSI or eyesight problems.
• Any other relevant issue.
• Comprehensive review of Chair, Screen, Lighting, Mouse, Keyboard, Desk and Environment.
• Basic DSE user advice and training i.e. chair, posture etc.
• Issue a summary report and recommendations to Management and human resources.


If you have any questions, please ask us and we will do our best to advise you and answer any questions you might have.

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We can provide one on one assessments, department assessments, company talks and much more.. please let us know your requirements and we will discuss your options and possible solutions.



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