Rachel Wilkinson
“I believe yoga is for everyone and knowing the benefits in my own life I’ve been compelled to share yoga with who ever wants to come and learn. Yoga for the community! All inclusive! Yoga has changed my life dramatically. What started out as just another exercise class has become a union of mind body spirit and far more than I ever first imagined.  How could I not share this experience with others! I remember my first introduction to yoga was tense and I laughed a lot however by the end I knew I ‘needed’ yoga in my life. Over the next 7 years I explored many different classes and styles all of which have shaped and developed the teacher I have become and continue to become.”asdfghjkloiuyrewsm,kiuytrescvbhjkuytredcvbnm,kuytresxcvbnmkiuytrewertyuilhgfdsawertyujk,
“I love to be a part of people’s change and facilitate them to a better quality of life however that may look for them. I believe anyone can benefit from yoga and share their positive experience within the community around them.” gtgkfelfkmegiergelrkgmfvoeirjhae’flkgjt0giergjfvlkgjhw0trihjbflkbjfgrithjethpi
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