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Advanced Multi Clinical approach to Spinal treatment (Cervical & Lumbar)

Learn the advanced skill of treatment of cervical and lumbar spine. This course will teach you the practitioner; skills to successfully identify the injury and treat it by an advanced blend of Mulligan, Mckenzie, Acupuncture and functional approach in one single session to attain maximum outcome. A successful treatment may fix the condition and the symptoms with just one session.

This will be a one day course which will enable you through step by step protocol of successfully treating most of the cervical and lumbar injuries in just one session. In this course we will be presenting an exciting programme that covers to an advanced level, examination, clinical reasoning, and management for the lumbar and cervical regions. A multi-factorial approach will be taught with the management of acute and chronic spinal pain disorders, which brings together in a logical manner the neural, joint and muscle systems. 

Sports Nutrition Workshop

At the end of the course the participants will be able to:

  1. Diagnose the injury

  2. Develop clinical reasoning behind the injury

  3. Provide step by step treatment to the client aiming one session fix

  4. Understand Spine to brain coordination in different movement patters

  5. Understand the importance of different treatment concepts with justification and develop understanding in relation to exercise prescription

  6. Understand movement & motor re-education after injury

  7. Understand, spot and correct compensatory and uncontrolled movement

  8. Develop confidence within himself and develop relation with the client

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