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Joint Pain Treatment


Most injuries, aches or pains can be quickly and effectively treated with physiotherapy.
Our physiotherapy sessions combine manual therapy, joint mobilization, posture education,  exercise prescription and other services to recovery all the symptoms.​

Sports Massage

Sports massage is not just for sports people. If you sit at a computer screen frequently, drive long hours or have a manual job a massage could benefit you greatly, particularly if you suffer from postural problems.

​Given that many injuries occur due to lack of muscular balance, this is a critical tool in both prevention and treatment.

Shoulder Massage

Gait Analysis

We use sports bio-mechanics to help athletes run more efficiently and to identify posture-related or movement-related problems in people with injuries.​

The study encompasses quantification (i.e. introduction and analysis of measurable parameters of gaits), as well as interpretation, i.e. drawing various conclusions about the animal (health, age, size, weight, speed etc.) from its gait pattern.

Paediatric Physiotherapy

Paediatric physio provides a wide variety of therapies to best suit the needs of each unique child.

Conditions such as muscle sprains, core and posture dysfunctions like Knock Knees (Knee Valgus), Bow Legs, Flat Foot, post-fracture/surgery rehabilitation, poor bio-mechanics can be corrected with the help of physiotherapy.
Child Physiotherapy
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