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Upcoming workshop

How to Assess, Diagnose & Build a Multi-treatment Approach


June 9,10 & 11, 2023


₹ 10,000 per person

Scenario Based Workshop

  • Diagnose Nerve Impingements, Joint Pathology, Postural Abnormality

  • Dry Needling for Spindle Fibre Activation

  • Active Assisted Dry Needling for Trigger Point Release

  • Multi-Treatment Approach

  • Postural Analysis for Static & Dynamic Postures

  • Discover Basic Physics to Boost Diagnosis

  • Myo-Fascial Release using Deep Tissue & Soft Tissue Manipulation

  • Taping for Activation & Stabilisation of Joints

  • Mobilisation Concepts & hands on techniques

Why is it important?

Musculo-skeletal pains are usually associated with an underlying root cause.


Treating the visible injury without inquiring the root cause will lead to no results, which affects customer retention.

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