Myo-Fascial Dry Needling Webinar

with Spindle Fibre Activation Technique

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Course Details

What you'll learn 

  • Myo-Fascial Needling Thrust

  • Myo-Fascial Rotate & Lock

  • Myo-Kinetic Dry Needling

  • Spindle Fibre Stretching using Dry Needling

What you get

  • Live demonstration with Question/Answer round.

  • Demonstration in English/Hindi + E - Certification

  • Multiple student buy-in for ₹500 - Practice with your friends

What you need

  • Dry Needles

  • Surgical Gloves

  • Sterile Cotton 

Date & Time

31st March

01:30PM (IST)


2 hours

with Question/Answer round




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  • Myo-Fascial Dry Needling Webinar
    Sun, 31 Mar
    Body in Motion
    31 Mar 2019, 13:30 – 16:30
    Body in Motion, 467 Christchurch Rd, Bournemouth BH1 4AD, UK
    Learn about basic and advanced Myo-Fascial Dry Needling with Spindle Fibre Activation Technique