cover-imageBody in Motion is one of the oldest Physiotherapy and sports injuries clinic in Bournemouth serving people of Bournemouth, Poole and Hampshire since 2002. Our dedicated team is constantly dealing with injuries, may it be back pain, neck pain, sports or running injuries. You name it and we have a solution.

We have worked with elite runners in Bournemouth Marathon festival to Rugby players of various first teams in UK.

We use a unique blend of Physiotherapy, sports massage, acupuncture and exercise therapy to eradicate the root of the injury and the relief can be felt in the first session itself. Book a session to believe it!

So if you have pain, injury, sports injury, operation we specialize in looking after you with the best physiotherapists, sports therapists and personal trainers to suit your needs. We assess each patient very thoroughly, diagnose the problem from roots and design a treatment to suit them and ease the pain as soon as possible.

We also show you how to strengthen the area to ensure faster recovery and ensure that the pain does not return.

If you wish to get fit, lose weight and feel amazing and be injury free our team of experts can achieve fast results quickly. Give us a call and we can help!

Services we offer:

1. Physiotherapy:


 Most injuries, aches or pains can be quickly and effectively treated with physiotherapy.
We assess the muscles, joints and neural systems to ensure the underlying cause is identified and treated properly.
You will be thoroughly assessed and your injury examined. We will then discuss your diagnosis, your goals, likely outcomes,  time frame and give you ways you can help speed up your recovery at home.
We place huge emphasis on identifying and correcting the underlying cause of the problem and work towards preventing re-occurrence.

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2. Sports Massage:

painful SM

Sports massage is the most effective therapy for treating muscle pain, tension and restoring balance to the musculo-skeletal system.
Given that many injuries occur due to lack of balance, this is a critical tool in both prevention and treatment.
Sports massage is brilliant at speeding up recovery of muscular strains and sprains but it is also highly recommended to prevent injury…. especially if you are like some of our clients who “cant find the time” to stretch properly!
It is not just useful for athletes. Many of our clients have regular once a month sports massages to keep their neck and shoulder tension under control from computer work all week.
If you have not tried it, we urge you do so -you may be pleasantly surprised!

3. Gait Analysis:


Many athletes develop chronic or recurrent injuries due to incorrect technique or poor biomechanics.
Gait analysis incorporates the use of a video camera and a treadmill to analyse your walking and running to identify inefficiencies in movement.
An accurate diagnosis can be found by very carefully observing your movements at a slower speed on camera. 

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4. Exercise Therapy (Injury or function specific):

mansquatExercise therapy is a unique method of handling injuries through exercises. It will utilise skilled knowlegde by a qualified sports physiotherapist who will not only examine the cause of injury but also will be able to train specific muscles to imrove and irridicate the injury from roots.

So weather it is a chronic/ acute injury, a postural problem or lack of stamina one of our sports physiotherapist will be able to sort the issue and make you feel injury free and stronger.