Andre Felix

Andre Felix is a qualified and registered Physiotherapist.

His passion for helping people and making a difference in someone’s life lead him to pursue the physiotherapy path.

After qualifying as a physiotherapist, Andre has worked in private clinics and sports clubs, treating several orthopaedic, musculo-skeletal dysfunctions and sports injuries, thus able to serve a wide variety of patients and clients.

Andre always tries making the difference and he believes in the model of collaboration to set goals and help patients to get back to normal functioning and enhance ability in performing day to day activities and sports.

Andre has been trained in a range of treatment techniques such as Deep Soft Tissue Massage, Muscle Energy Techniques, Sports Massage, Manual Therapy, Joint mobilization and Exercise Prescription.

He is passionate about sharing and promoting healthy lifestyles, with special interest in promoting exercise as part of healthy lifestyle for disease prevention. His motivation to be physiotherapist is the ability to improve quality of life of patients and promote their ability to feel healthy and happy again.

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