Videoanalysis/ Gait Analysis

Many athletes develop chronic or recurrent injuries due to incorrect technique or poor biomechanics.

Gait analysis incorporates the use of a video camera and a treadmill to analyse your walking and running to identify inefficiencies in movement. An accurate diagnosis can be found by very carefully observing your movements at a slower speed on camera.

Video feedback is an extremely powerful way of examining your running technique.

Common problems are overpronation, poor hip control, over rotation of the trunk and poor hip extension. A thorough examination by a sports physiotherapist will identify such faults and show you what to do to correct the problem.

Check out the video for an example of different running styles, some leading to injury:

The therapist will explain your dysfunction and be able to show you how to correct it. As a double benefit, correcting your technique often results in improved times as well!

“Just a quick note to say thankyou for your help with my running problem. I came to you on 26th March for videoanalysis. You analysed my gait and gave me a number of exercises. Since then I have noticed a great improvement in my leg strength, balance and my running times are dropping. Thanks for all your help.”

Ashley Mitchell.

Often runners find they may have been running pain free for years but when they try to increase intensity or distance for a race, that is when problems begin. If your biomechanics are poor- you will get Achilles pain, knee pain, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, hip pain and other running injuries….. get an assessment now…..

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