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Is your child at risk of Flat Foot and Knock Knees?

Does your child complain of knee or back pain?

If your child complains of knee pain or lower back pain it can be serious!

Studies suggest that most of the pain in the knees and lower back comes from a poor posture of the feet or legs.

Deformities such as Flat Foot and poor leg postures like Knock Knees and Bow Legs are common in children of age 1-3 and eventually they become normal by the time they reach the age of 5-6. But in some cases these deformities get worse with time and could lead to complex problems in later ages.

Few deformities to look for are:

1. FLAT FEET: Flat feet also called as collapsed arches is very common in children in todays' world. Due to this deformity incorrect pressure areas are formed in the knee and lower back eventually creating inflammation and pain.

Correcting just the feet posture solves the problem. Studies suggest that sorting out the deformity just by the help of walking and standing techniques rather than inserts is beneficial and has long lasting effect and resolves the problem from the root.


a. Knock knees: As the name suggests knock knees cause increased pressure in hip and knees causing inflammation and development of scar tissue resulting in pain. Knock knees can be minor and only be spotted correctly by a physiotherapist

b. Bow legsBow legs is opposite of knock knees but equally as dangerous. The main risk of these deformities is Arthritis, if they are not treated in the early ages

All the above injuries can be sorted out very easily in children as the bones and muscles are very adaptive to changes and changes can be made in proper direction by a Physiotherapist.

If these injuries are ignored can cause major problem in adulthood and can cause permanent damage to legs or spine and may lead to expensive interventions.

So do not delay and bring your child for a 30 screening and assessment.

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