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22 December 2017

Stroke: Symptoms and How Physiotherapy helps

A stroke occurs when part of the brain loses its blood supply and stops working. This causes the part of the body that the injured brain controls to stop working. A stroke is a medical emergency. The affected individual, family, friends, or bystanders need to call 9-1-1 (activate EMS) to access emergency care. From onset of symptoms, there is only a 3 to 4 1/2 hour window to use clot-busting drugs (Thrombolytics) to try to restore blood supply to the affected more

26 November 2017

7 Physiotherapy Myths Busted

Every where around the globe, Physiotherapy has been helping people recover, rehabilitate and transform their lives.

Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of discussion groups and people often talk about Physiotherapy and things that aren't true to begin with, leading to you wondering if you should go for physiotherapy or not.

In this blog post, we clear some of the more

13 November 2017

6 Surprising Reasons You're in Pain

Some days you find yourself in acute pain while reaching for some stuff or even bending down to pick up something from the floor. A small trigger cause an unimaginable amount of stress or pain at a particular point. You get shooting pains up and down in one leg only while sitting and you can't seem to shake it off. You're driving one day and you feel a lot of pain in the neck just because you have your seat at an unusual angle. more

07 November 2017

What Triggers Migraines?

It is not unusual that one particular trigger cause a migraine every time it happens. Sometimes there are a combination of factors that will lead to a migraine and not just one trigger happening somewhere in isolation. Sometimes even so, it may happen that one trigger might not even lead to a migraine. A series of events happen when something sets off a trigger in the brain and more

07 October 2017

How Physiotherapy Can Keep You Young

As we age, our bodies bear an unimaginable amount of stress. Let's face it, we aren't going to be young forever. The levels of excitement, enthusiasm can take quite a hit if we aren't healthy. Would you enjoy the wedding you are about to go to if you stay too tired or you can't dance? Nobody wants to get old, but it is the bitter truth more

01 October 2017

Women's Health: Improve Your Health With Physiotherapy.

Some chronic health conditions, including breast cancer, pelvic pain and urinary incontinence, are important concerns for women. These conditions can significantly affect a woman’s health, physical and mental well being, participation in daily activities, and even her identity as a woman. Physiotherapy can offer valuable benefits in chronic health conditions that are predominantly seen in more

01 September 2017

Is your child at risk of Flat Foot and Knock Knees?

Does your child complain of knee or back pain? If your child complains of knee pain or lower back pain it can be serious. Studies suggest that most of the pain in the knees and lower back comes from a poor posture of the feet or legs. Deformities such as Flat Foot and poor leg postures like Knock Knees and Bow Legs are common in children of age 1-3 and eventually they become normal by the time they reach the more

29 August 2017

Is your neck pain causing Migraines?

Migraines: Very few people can escape the burden of a headache. The throbbing pain, even when minor, can be enough to inhibit work and leisure activities. Even thinking can be painful.

More than 45 million Americans suffer from chronic headaches. Migraines are severe, recurring headaches characterized by sharp pain and often accompanied by nausea, vomiting and visual disturbances. The most common causes of migraines can be related more

22 August 2017

Pain in Shoulder? Physiotherapy can help.

Having a physio treatment on an injured shoulder will help you to provide more circulation to injured muscle/joint hereby improve healing. You will experience an immediate increase in range of motion with increased joint strength. So if you play racket sports, have to work on a building site or have to sit in office working long hours on computer we will help you to attain your desired goals and enable you to achieve them more

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