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Women's Health: Improve Your Health With Physiotherapy

How can your physiotherapist help?

Your physiotherapist can appraise your general physical fitness, identify issues resulting from surgery or radiation, and design an individual program that will support you during treatment and recovery, and also help you deal with chronic symptoms which persist after recovery. Some chronic health conditions, including breast cancer pain and urinary incontinence, are grave concerns for females. These conditions may significantly impact female's health, physically and mentally.

Physiotherapy can provide valuable advantages in chronic health conditions that are predominantly seen in women. Sports Training might help women deal with the effects of Breast Cancer and its treatment. In addition, specific Therapeutic Exercises may improve Pelvic pain and Urinary Incontinence, whether these signs occur secondary to labour and delivery or happen sooner or later in life. Your physiotherapist will assess your problem, discuss your concerns, and develop a treatment plan which can help you come back to an active life.

Chronic Pelvis Pains
Pelvic pain is chronic if it lasts at least 6 months. Living with chronic pelvis pain is draining, and may interfere with sexual intercourse, a good night's sleep, hygiene and everyday functioning. Though no trigger might be identified in women, pelvis muscle or nerve inflammation, pelvis muscle spasm, or issues affecting joints and muscles could be implicated. Specific therapeutic exercises can possibly relax contracted muscles, strengthen weakened muscles, and address Postural issues which could be contributing to your pain. Physiotherapy can create a considerable and lasting reduction in pain and allow you to concentrate on enjoying your life again.

Urinary Incontinence (the involuntary leakage of urine) is common in women, affecting up to 30 percent of women by 65 years of age. It shouldn't be dismissed as a sign of aging or long term impact of labour and delivery. Additionally to reducing wellbeing and healthy activity levels, urinary incontinence may cause secondary health problems like bladder infections and skin ulceration, and might lead to decreased physical physical fitness, quality of life and depression. Urinary Bladder and Floor Muscle Training are remedies for urinary incontinence, advocated by the International Continence Society as the first-line remedy for this condition. Clinical research has found that targeted Exercise Therapy may solve or improve kinds of incontinence. Age is no barrier in this condition, as women over 75 years of age also benefit from Physiotherapy. If you're
experiencing incontinence, talk to your physiotherapist about exercise therapy to eliminate or reduce your symptoms.

Breast Cancer Pains
Fatigue, a common complication of Chemotherapy and Radiation, can linger even after treatment is finished. An Exercise Prescription from your physiotherapist can reduce Fatigue and improve physical functioning, Cardiorespiratory fitness and well-being, even during treatment. Particular physiotherapy techniques may also reduce Post-Mastectomy pain and swelling (Lymphedema) and improve dropped motion range and intensity that may occur in the arm on the face of the surgery.

Stay young with Physiotherapy

If you're having trouble leading a healthy life because of these conditions, it's for the best that you consider going to a Physiotherapist.

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